If you are planning your next trip and don't know where to go, choose Spain.

Fogolly offers the most exciting trips to Spain.

This is a wonderful country that lures its visitors with beautiful architecture, gold sandy beaches, marvelous nature, and delicious food.

This is a country of lazy-day siestas, hospitable people, and beautiful sights.

While traveling to Spain repeatedly, you will get a fantastic new experience in a paradoxically familiar place.

The most important places to visit in Spain


One of the largest and most important cities in Spain, Valencia is located in the eastern part of the country in the region of Valencia. After redirecting the Turia River, the city constructed its most impressive landmark, a massive cultural and entertainment complex known as the City of Arts and Science.

Jerez De La Frontera

Want to feel like a Spaniard? You could head straight for Jerez. It’s a lovely 3000 year old town with cobbled streets, numerous old castles and ruins, medieval churches.

Tibidabo in Barcelona

If you visit Barcelona, it is hard not to notice the imposing Sacred Heart Church and the colorful Big Wheel that dominates its skyline. These are part of the Tibidabo Amusement Park located at Tibidabo.

The best attractions in Spain

The Prado and Paseo del Artes, Madrid

The Prado alone ranks with the world's top art museums for the riches of its collections. But add the Reina Sofia National Art Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and the CaixaForum to this list.

Aqueduct of Segovia

The Aqueduct of Segovia is one of the best-preserved monuments left by the Romans in Spain. The ancient aqueduct carries water 16 km (10 miles) from the Frío River to Segovia and was built of some 24,000 massive granite blocks without the use of mortar.

Madrid – Watch The Popular Flamenco Show

Flamenco is famous all over the country, and watching it is indeed one of the best things to do in Madrid, Spain. Accompanied by guitar, beautiful vocals, flawless dance, and claps, this art is both pleasing to the eyes and ears.

The most essential tips on how to travel to Spain

Spain isn’t just Spanish

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Spain has one national identity! Catalonia and the Basque region both have very strong identities that people are very rightly proud of.

Beware of pickpockets

There isn't a ton of violent crime in Spain, however there is a good amount of pickpocketing. When you're walking on the street or taking the metro, keep an eye on your things. A crossbody bag, which you can zipper or close and wear across your body is a good idea.

Paella is from Valencia

You might be excited to try paella in Spain, but it is worth remembering that the quintessential dish is actually from Valencia, and places selling it in other cities could be less than authentic.

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